Occlusal Equilibration



When it has been determined that the biting surfaces of your teeth are not meshing together harmoniously, an occlusal adjustment or equilibration may be helpful in restoring a healthy bite.  The occlusal equilibration is the mechanical adjustment of your teeth, dentures, bridges, crowns, fillings or other oral appliances to allow your lower jaw to function effectively with a minimal amount of strain to the joint, muscles and teeth.


The occlusal equilibration can be done when only a minimal amount of adjustment is needed to return the jaw to an acceptable position.  Slight changes are made to the inclines of the cusps (sharp tips of the back teeth), to fillings, crowns, or other restorations. There is no pain involved, and no shots are needed.  This is more like a polishing procedure than “drilling teeth”. 


There are no long-term harmful effects of this procedure.  It will not weaken the teeth, or make them more prone to decay.  You will not even be able to see a difference, but the teeth will feel and fit differently.  Most patients remark that the teeth fit more evenly and feel more solid.


This procedure is designed to reduce the stress on the jaw muscles and joints as much as possible.  But with the complex nature of TMD, there are limitations on how successful this may be at relieving your symptoms. It is the most conservative treatment available for this type of problem.  Other alternative treatments include orthodontic treatment, surgery, or extensive restorative treatment to alter the biting surfaces.  With the equilibration procedure, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 


Dr. Reynolds uses the study models of your teeth to identify some of the improper contact points.  He will guide you through a series of jaw movements, and use marking ribbon, as well as the T-Scan, computer sensor to further analyze your bite and determine the proper points to adjust. 


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Dr Reynolds dental facility is the ultimate wonderful dental experience. Great parking available right in front of the office so you can walk right in. The decor is beautiful and they have great magazines and coffee. I almost never have to wait over 5 minutes. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The chairs are comfortable and they have tv's in every exam room. They also have windows in the exam rooms so it isn't claustrophobic. They have state of the art equipment. The staff explains what they are doing and using so that you aren't caught off guard by anything. They offer cosmetics without being pushy. I would recommend his practice to anyone and everyone in the city of Birmingham. The location is convenient as it is very close to IH 65 near the Alford Avenue exit.

BH - Birmingham

What a wonderful staff and an incredibly knowledgeable dentist. He end years of jaw pain by fixing my bite! Can't say enough good things about this group.

KH - Birmingham

I am a new patient to Dr. Reynolds. My appointment was received without hassle or wait. The environment is extremely professional and far exceeded my expectations. The staff is warm and welcoming. The office is aesthetically appealing. I went in due to discomfort of a tooth and received a root canal without any pain or discomfort at all. The dental service was like sitting at home in the living room in your favorite comfy chair, reclining of course. With t.v. remote in hand and in my own private suite, my root canal was comfortably done in record time! X-rays were done with out having to change locations in the office. Yes, Dr. Reynolds office and staff is modern and technologically precise! I even got emails and text messages to remind me of my appointment. To top it all off, the morning after my root canal I received a personal call from Dr. Reynolds to check on how my mouth was feeling, WOW!!! #CUSTOMER SERVICE#WARMTH#BEAUTIFULRESULTS!!! You will FORGET you are at the dentist!


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